October 6, 2015       

Thrive’s goal for the last five years has been to open a center where refugee can come in and work with volunteers on whatever their needs may be! We would love a place where we could once again host English classes, start up Citizenship classes, help families with DHHS paperwork or understanding their mail, listen to their problems and provide support, and allow the different refugee cultural groups in the community to have a place to use as their own. Once we lost our previous office space in the Spring, we decided it was time to open this center. We have received several substantial grants to help us towards this goal, but need a little over $10,000 more to be able to have the funds to sign the lease on our space. Please consider donating to this cause and support us in moving to a level where we could potentially help thousands of area refugees instead of the 20 or so families a year we are able to assist out of their homes in our Cultural Broker program.

You can donate now through the Donate button on our front page of the website or through our GoFundMe account at GoFundMe.com/a93pnnyk. Every little bit gets us closer to our goal, so if you are only able to donate $5 or $10, please do what you can!

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