August 19, 2016

gregOur volunteer Greg first heard about Thrive at last year’s Eastown Streetfair. He took a picture with our “Refugees Welcome” sign and started following us on Facebook. Thrive stayed in the back of Greg’s mind for a few months until he heard that Thrive was looking for new volunteers, and so he decided to start volunteering with us!

Greg started out as a part of our Cultural Broker program, which works with clients one-on-one. He helped a middle school boy by tutoring him in math and helped the boy’s family with their transportation needs and  with parent-teacher conferences. He will soon start to serve as a Cultural Broker for a new client from Iraq. Lately, Greg has also played a huge role in getting our citizenship and ESL classes off the ground at our Refugee Support Center.

One of the things Greg enjoys about volunteering with Thrive is the opportunity to interact with other cultures and learn from the refugees he’s working with. He says, “I always find myself very impressed with our clients’ ability to work hard at their jobs, raise a family, learn English, and navigate the system’s path to citizenship, all while laughing joyfully along the way!”

We asked Greg why he thinks working with refugees is important, and he said, “I believe that to leave your home country because of persecution, war, or natural disaster and seek a better life abroad is a basic human right, one that is not recognized to the same degree as other basic human rights.” Greg sees raising awareness about these issues and working with the refugee community, a community that is so committed creating a better life, as important and rewarding work.

Written by Katie Ulrich

Want to learn more about how you can volunteer with Thrive? Check out our Volunteer page!

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